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fevereiro 16th, 2012

In this post we’re gonna show you an easy tutorial for you to deactivate, disable and remove the Facebook’s Timeline. You probably know that there is no way to disable the Facebook’s Timeline through the Facebook. If you activated the Timeline and want to remove it, you must instal a plugin called TimeLine Remove. This program is compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, it’s still in development for Safari and Internet Explorer.

So, here we go, see how to disable and deactivate the Timeline from your Facebook’s profile, and get your old Facebook layout back.

1 – First of all, you must download the TimeLine Remove. Only with this plugin you’ll be able to remove the Timeline from Facebook. Get this through the following link:

2 – After installing the plugin, a blue button will appear in the right superior corner of your browser. This button gives you the option to deactivate or activate the Facebook’s Timeline:

3 – If your TimeLine is activated, click on “Status: Timeline Remove” to disable it.

4 – That’s it! Your Facebook’s Timeline will be removed, disabled and deactivated! Have fun with the old interface of Facebook. Use you old Facebook profile as you like! Facebook Tips!

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